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Fishing for White and Striped Bass

A Memorable Fishing Adventure

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New Mexico is a great place for bass fishing. The largest largemouth bass caught in New Mexico weighed almost 16 pounds. The largest smallmouth bass weighed six pounds. If you are looking for fishing near El Paso or planning a good fishing trip near Fort Bliss, New Mexico fishing is only about two hours away.

Types of Bass in New Mexico

  • Largemouth Bass
  • Smallmouth Bass
  • White Bass
  • Spotted Bass
  • Striped Bass

Enjoy Bass Fishing at Elephant Butte Lake

Elephant Butte is actually New Mexico’s largest lake at 4,500 ft elevation. It is 35 miles long and has 36,500 surface acres. It is a great place to visit if you are looking for fishing spots near El Paso, or want to enjoy fishing near Fort Bliss. The large population of shad and sunfish along with a great forage base make it a prime fishing spot for many types of bass. Although the drought and low levels have been an issue, they have also created great bass habitats. The lower water levels have exposed cottonwoods at the old river channel where bass like to hunt.

Largemouth Bass Habitats at Elephant Butte

Many anglers long to catch a big largemouth bass. Especially one that fights and jumps to the surface of the water. The largemouth bass habitat makes them a hard catch. They are typically tricky to catch because they hide among rocks, water vegetation, and between roots of fallen trees. They strike at their prey while lurking through dark waters. These bass prefer calm, quiet, warm water. They have an excellent sense of smell that they use to catch their prey by following scent trails. Largemouth bass are actually fierce predators that will strike at almost anything alive.

Female largemouth bass are typically larger than males. The expert angler will often release a large catch if they suspect it is a breeding female. Largemouth bass actually don’t stop growing. The world record catch weighed 22 pounds 4 ounces and was caught in 1932. The same size bass was caught in Japan in 2009.

What Do Largemouth Bass Eat?

Knowing what certain species of fish eat will help you target a specific kind of catch. Because these fish are so sought after, it is common knowledge that largemouth bass eat sunfish, shad, minnows, and perch. They also like crayfish, insects, frogs, and even small birds. They are fierce fighters and are known for jumping above the surface of the water as they are reeled in.

Largemouth Bass Fishing for Beginners

Catching a beautiful largemouth bass is the dream of many anglers to include both fishing beginners and expert fishers. Largemouth bass are sensitive to light, so early morning and dusk are the best times for a good catch. As far as seasons go, early spring will be best, but these fish do bite year-round. A spincast reel is best for fishing beginners. Fishers always want to know what largemouth bass eat. They mostly prey on small fish, which makes live bait or realistic lures good options. They like minnows, sunfish, and perch.They like the color red as well. Lures that are often used in bass fishing include jigs, plastic worms, crankbaits, spoons, and spinnerbaits. It is best to mix it up as these fish are foragers. Shad and nightcrawlers are great live bait for bass as well.

Fishing for Smallmouth Bass

A large smallmouth can be a fun catch too. Just like the largemouth, knowing their habitat and eating habits will help you make a good catch. The smallmouth bass hangout near drop off points and rock coves. They also like deeper water with plenty of feeder fish. A depth finder will be a big help when it comes to catching a smallmouth bass. When you fish near rock covers, white or yellow spinnerbaits or even shallow diving crankbaits will work great. If you fish the deep waters, jig head tipped with yellow, chartreuse, or white Mister Twister grubs will work well. When lures don’t work, be sure to switch to live bait. You should let a live night crawler dangle from your hook instead of hooking it over and over into a ball.

White Bass Fishing

White bass are caught quite often during warm water sport fishing of New Mexico. They are fairly easy to catch because they strike eagerly and have a big appetite. They gather in schools and prefer deep, open water. Shad will bring them to the surface for a good strike. Jigs and flashy spinner-jigs will work well for these fish too. Small lures that resemble shad will work well, especially when a school is present. In the spring, shore fishing will get you several good catches.

The best spots for white bass fishing near El Paso or fishing near Fort Bliss are Elephant Butte, Caballo Lake, and the Rio Grande between reservoirs. When you see gulls or other fish feeding off the surface of the water, you can be sure a school of white bass are nearby. This is a great bass fishing tip for beginners.

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